Yakuza Games in Order

Out there there are tons of Yakuza games and newcomers could wonder “Wich game should i play first?”
Fear not, i’m here to answer that question!

Main Games:

    • Yakuza 0 (takes place in 1988, the beginning of the Dragon of Dojima and the Mad Dog of Shimano)
    • Yakuza Kiwami (a remake of Yakuza on PS2, takes place in 2005)
    • Yakuza Kiwami 2 (a remake of Yakuza 2 on PS2, takes place in 2006)
    • Yakuza 3 (takes place in 2009)
    • Yakuza 4 (takes place in 2010)
    • Yakuza 5 (takes place in 2012)
    • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (takes place in 2016)
    • Yakuza: Like A Dragon (takes place in 2019, an RPG Game with a new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga)

Spin Offs (This games are NOT connected with the main storyline and most of them are available only on the PS3 and PS4, for now. Some of them have been released only in Japan) :

  • Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan! (Basically a Yakuza game placed in the medieval japanese times)
  • Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! ( The sequel of the one above)
  • Yakuza: Dead Souls ( a Shooter game, Yakuza 4 characters find themselves in a Zombie Apocalipse)
  • Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (Not a Yakuza game but plays like one and made by the same company. Long story short, is a Kenshiro game with a brand new story where you can find the main charachters from the original series.)
  • Yakuza Online ( A mobile game for IOS and Android, released only in japan.)
  • Judgment (Or Judgment Eye in Japan. Is a Spin off set in the world of Yakuza.)
  • Streets Of Kamurocho ( A small beat em up game SEGA released for his 60th year anniversary )
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