What is the best game you have ever played and why?

All games are fun to play but I would like to know what the best game YOU have ever played is and why


Oh well, this is a good question.
I actually asked this to myself lots and lots of time, and every time i end up doing something like a huge list of the games i love.
I don’t have a SINGLE game i love, i have series and type of games i actually love like crazy, and inside them there are games that, for me, are masterpieces.
some examples would be like:
The Castlevania series
The Devil May cry series
The Metal Gear series
Some graphic novels, even if they are not my cup of tea
and the list goes on and on and on.

roblox because it has many games insides the games

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I still need to try most of those games.

Well, depends on what you want to try.
I even love a lot the retro gaming.
Depends on what you want and will to try. :smiley:

For example, are you into “Metroidvania” games? Do you know what they are? :smiley:

I love playing retro games and collect consoles but I don’t mind play anything… I mean I even played Hello Kitty

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Well, if you love retro gaming, go and grab the castlevania games for the Nes and SNES.
If i have to tell you one of my favorite game for that era, i will go with Caslevania, 100%

P.s. Avoid the vanilla version of Castlevania 2, is just… no, just don’t, is trash.
I know there is a better version of it made by the comunity, i don’t know were to get it :frowning:

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That’s a very good question! For me, it depends if you want to seperate them by types or if you mean in average. One of my 2 favorite ones would be Detroit: Become Human because I love story games with a kind of ‘‘movie’’ feel to them. They’re simple to play, show character development, etc. Another one I loved is Red Dead Redemption 2. Story wise, it’s not 100% since it’s very repetitive but the character development is really great and you get to loooove the characters even if it definitively has that GTA feel to it. As a top #1, I’d have to say Minecraft. It’s simple, it’s not that expensive, and it really develops your creativity. You can build, make pixel art, ‘‘survive’’, help friends… basically it’s a very ‘‘all around’’ game for all ages. It’s brought me amazing memories over the years and that’s why it’s my top 1.

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If you want we could play other games together! :grin:

But I also like most of those games

Oh, oh, did i saw someone who like creativity in videogames?
Do you know “Scrap Mechanic”?

Beat Saber - Because it’s fun and it has a high skill ceiling requiring assets that are unique in combination to the gaming world like the importance of physical movement that can be immensly staining paired with the cognitive skillset create a whole new plateau. Which means that your body may not yet be able to move as quickly or precise but your mind can react easily which is a experience unique with VR and especially Beat Saber. Also unlimited songs via modding expand the game to infinite content theoratically, so you technicaally dont have to play any song twice your whole life. lol


This is so hard as I’d prefer the question to be more about "genre’ than general.

So if I had to pick from memories I would say it would go back to the couch days of spending time with friends.

Dreamcast (Though I spent some time with the PS1/PS2 with them the Dreamcast brought us the most together)

The game I would pick would be.

Rival Schools: Project Justice

It just really chimed with me at the time. The entry on skill was medium or low. Anyone could play and the game just had interesting fighters and fun music. I’d stay up in his room for the WHOLE day without sleep playing this game.