Survivors: Reboot - Survival Horror Multiplayer

About Survivors: Reboot

Survivors: Reboot is a horror multiplayer game, where you will need to find pages in very dark large forest to escape, but you won’t be alone - somewhere appears werewolf.

This game based on the original Unity game called “Survivers Beta 3”. I like this game, but developers used starter content, which gave Unity and game don’t look very good. Almost 1 year ago I had idea to remake this game in UE4. My goal is make something new and interesting. I won’t make same as original Unity game, where werewolf teleports - I want to make this game more realistic with good graphics. More interesting that I will add story and more features, for example, play as werewolf, random map generator, etc.

I already have builds, but I don’t make general gameplay yet. When I make map, werewolf AI, characters, multiplayer, localization and normal optimization, I will upload here as early access and after that game will receive “Alpha” version. I need to learn and learn Blueprints and more - some stuff I know, but I am learning now.

Where to download?