Strobophagia - Psychological horror

An occult forest rave

Strange rituals
Enigmatic organisers
An ancient Evil

Following a promise of the ultimate expression of freedom, you find yourself at the Headless Festival. However, that freedom comes at a cost as the organisers announce that the price of admission is the lives of all attendees.
Find a way to escape, even as the forest itself appears to work against you. Try to maintain a grip on reality while logic takes a backseat. And whatever you do, stay away from the sinister presence in the darkness.
Can you make your way out without losing yourself?

  • 1-3 hours of playable content with two alternate endings
  • Classic survival horror through a psychedelic rave lens
  • Macabre puzzles following twisted logic
  • In-game smartphone mechanic that helps you locate points of interest and consult the numerous attendees for help

Also includes a 1v1 online Multiplayer mode in an asymmetric Monster vs Monster hunt

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