Stowaway - Single-Player Atmospheric Horror

About Stowaway

STOWAWAY is a very tense and atmospheric Alien-Esque low rez first-person Sci-Fi horror game where you attempt to dispose of an unwanted guest on the space station you work on.

In STOWAWAY you take on the role of a Janitor who works along with a skeleton crew in a decommissioned orbital station. A space janitor may not be the most auspicious job on the station, but it’s a vital job and soon there’s going to be a lot of mess to clear up! After carrying out a few menial tasks for your crewmates, things kick-off when a ship boards the station. The crew are all missing but it looks like they had a hostile alien stowaway on board and now it’s loose…

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Played it. 6/10
Nice Art style, maybe not the best.
For the rest, meh, meh, just a normal “Alien” story, and that’s it.
I will give it a try in any case, is not that bad, you will finish the game in something like 30/40 minutes :smiley:

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Yeah most indie games don’t have long play time. Sometimes they don’t even have a full ending. I feel this game wanted to give an atmospheric look more than anything. Aiming for a unique art style meets aliens on a space ship.

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