Steam Cimmarian Winter Sale 2020

Here you can post all the winter goodies that are co-op or multiplayer for the whole community to check out and get games similar to each other so we can play together on the server and during events.

This post will be updated as Cimmarian leave suggestions down below


  • Must have multiplayer (mods are allowed please state as such)
  • Please include the games Genre for easier listing
  • Must be on sale.

Act fast if you want Cimmarian to be gaming awesome games all next year with the community!


Platformer and Action Adventure

Shooter and Battle Royale

Fighting and Beat’em Ups

Survival and Survival Horror

Action and MMO RPGS



Strategy and Tactics

Racing and Sports

Puzzle and Rhythm

Community Contribution by

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Come play Bullet Roulette with me! It is on sale and up to 4 players. Everyone is dealt 3 cards at the beginning of the match all with different abilities. You can use them to protect yourself, give yourself a greater of chance survival or force someone else to be a target. You target yourself to earn a coin. You use coins to buy a chance to target someone else on your turn. Stay for the banter. Leave with a metal. as always survive to win.


I have added your game to Simulation! Your name is now on the contribution list!

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