Portal 2: Error

Alright, so I’ve recently downloaded Portal on Steam mainly because I wanted to experience the whole Portal series again. I’m a huge fan of the series as well as the series it was based upon: Half-Life. So, I downloaded the game, launched it up from Steam, and I noticed something very… off.

Most of the sounds, textures, and maps were corrupted and didn’t even work, and the maps that did work were… unsettling… to say the least. It wasn’t what the original Portal was, anyway. I’ve tried anything I could to fix it. I verified the game files, reinstalled the entire game, and I even reset my PC to ensure that there was nothing wrong with it. In the end, all of those solutions failed. However, I’m fairly certain that what has happened to this game is something that no ordinary corruption can do. So, I will be attempting to fix up this weird version of the game and bundle it all up into a source mod.