Pigsaw - Man To The Slaughter

Pigsaw is a bloody fever dream of first-person shooter, survival horror, and stealth. You are trapped in a nightmarish human abattoir, use whatever is at your disposal and do whatever is neccassary to stay alive and escape. The Butchers are relentless, expect no mercy and give none in return.


  • Survive the relentless pursuit of the Butchers. They are alert and aggressive predators, move quietly, hide often, and if spotted, run fast
  • Scavenge supplies scattered throughout the abattoir, and If you can stomach it, resort to cannibilism in a can.
  • Beat your enemies to a pulp with a lead pipe and when ammo permits blow their brains out with the visceral double barrel shotgun.
  • Manage your grid based inventory, and prioritise what you should carry.
  • Explore the labyrinthine abattoir, plunging deep into its guts and churning underbelly.
  • PSX and VHS Graphics Modes. Play the game crunchy and be weary of every pixel or play clean and slice yourself on the razor sharp polygons.

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