Optimize No Man's Sky Settings Desktop and VR

Where do I customize my No Man’s Sky files?

So I did some digging on how to fix No Man’s Sky issues and Bugs. This thread might grow as a mega thread to fix most problems. So feel free to post below and ask questions.

Things you can do

  • Unlock Frames (240+)
  • Manage Desktop Better
  • Manage VR Better

Where do I start?


First step is go into your No Man’s Sky properties on steam.

Go to the local files and select Browse


Open Binaries


Now open Settings


Here you have two options (You need a text editor to open them with)


Have to change your Desktop Settings

Open the one you wish to edit I will start with TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML and move onto VR.

All settings are subjective please know your PC specs and set them how you want.
If you want high frames (120-240fps) you may need to lower your graphics quality.
If you want to achieve lower frames (30-60fps) You can turn up settings and see how different moments in games hold your frame rate.

Above we have the monitor settings (excluding fps/refresh rate) If you have questions about this please post below.


These are your graphics settings, I suggest you set them that meets your needs (PC Specs). If you need help understanding what will cause the most frame loss, what they do in game erc. please ask below.


These are your graphic filters and tweaks, You can find your Field Of View, Blur Strength even your Max Frame Rate.

Please only change things you understand. Ask below if you need help making any changes!

How to change your VR Settings


These settings can be played around with, I suggest testing vsync and resolution for performance and see how it effects your VR experience.


Here again you will see your graphics settings, Please understand that VR can cost more performance so if you experience issues turn your settings down.


These again will tweak your filter and frame settings. Please know your specs and try to keep them around your HMD’s frame limits and more. Ask below if you need more help.

Now just turn on your game and have some fun! Don’t forget to join https://cimmarian.com/discord and find some more gamers to adventure with!