Nevrosa: Prelude on Steam

You woke up in a strange place — is it a dream or reality? What do you need to do? Are you alone here?

A sneak peak into Nevrosa world that brings new gameplay mechanics to VR games:

  • Redirect walking — we don’t use teleport or any other locomotion system. You’ll have to do it on your own but don’t go beyond your chaperone! You can get on youtube!

  • No jumpscares.

  • You just take things with your hands and only one button is used — press a trigger on your controller to interact.

  • Oh and you can die. And probably will.

Original puzzles, dark atmosphere and creepy creature and a creepy creature that follows you will help you to prepare for the upcoming full-time escape-horror experience that will finish the story you have started.

Some more things you’ll probably find in Nevrosa: Prelude

  • Art deco-inspired environment filled with creepy puzzle machines is waiting to share it’s secrets.

  • Survival horror elements: strange creatures hide in this room… What will happen when you meet?

  • An evil artifact in your hands: why does it follow you? Does it whisper something or is it just in your head?

  • Dark soundtrack with position sound system.

  • Different endings: you decide how this nightmare ends.

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