Lonn: Cyberpunk VR Adventure

About Lonn

Lonn is an action-adventure story based VR game set in a dystopian cyberpunk city. You take the role of Lonn, once an S-rank bounty hunter. Lonn is forced into action after confronting Megalo, head of the Wux-N corporation. Megalo has the ability to take, modify and transfer consciousness from one person into another being or cyborg. Megalo wants to create his vision of the future of humanity. A perfect world full of cyborgs who have modified minds.

Work with Lonn’s companion Luna through a story driven single player campaign. Explore, fight and solve puzzles in a physics based world. Overcome your conflict and fight back!

Full Body Presence – Experience our gameplay, world and story as Lonn using a physics based IK system. You inhabit Lonn gaining his physical abilities. Grab, Push, Pull, Climb, Jump, and Fight.

Physics Based World – The world is designed around physics interactions. Use objects realistically, pick up, throw, push and pull. Use the physical world interactions for combat, puzzles and exploration.

Story Based Experience – Immersive yourself in a story based VR experience. Follow Lonn’s journey as he uses his skill with a blade and experience as a bounty hunter to help Luna and stop the Wux-N corporation.

Immersive Game Environment - Experience a detailed world with atmospheric effects, detailed lighting, reflections and many locations to visit.