How to unlock your frames in Dead By Daylight

So you want more frames and better performance from your DbD?

First I suggest turning off all of Windows game options to help free up resources especially if you are on a laptop or weaker rig.

Next, you want to open your folder explorer and make sure you can see hidden folders and files.

Next, you want to get to your AppData local to get to your DbD config files.

There are a few ways.
Hit windows+r and type %localappdata%
Hit windows+r and type %appdata% (You might need to go back a folder to get to local)
Open a folder and in the explorer bar type %appdata% or %localappdata%

After you have it open navigate to this folder within local AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Now open the file “GameUserSettings”

Edit FrameRateLimit to your desired Frames. Suggested that you stick with your refresh rate but 120+ fps will help with input latency.


Scroll to the top and change the graphics options to your desired outcome.


To understand the numbers
0 = Low Quality
3 = Epic Quality

Set them to your desired taste and performance
Hint: Shadows and Foliage appear to drop the most frames.

The final step is to save it and close it.
Right-click GameUserSettings and choose “Read-only” and hit apply.
This will stop the game from overwriting your settings.

Now you are done! Hopefully, this helps you out there! share the Cimmarian love and let’s keep things awesome!

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