Horror Worlds on VRChat

Top Horror Maps and Worlds on VRChat

Here Cimmarians have kept a wiki to help control and maintain a horror map and world list for everyone to enjoy.

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Adventure / Story Worlds:

WDKS Horror Experience
A Stormy Night
Cocoon World
The Snooze’s Scary Maze 2
The Snooze’s Scary Maze 4
Dieselpunk Fly - Scary Night Version
Horror Darkness Escape
Xenu’s Horror Escape
Lost Teddies
Raawr’s Horror Hideout
Abandoned Station
Sector A6
Lost In Vivo
Espaiderman‘s Horror Map
Haunted Grounds
Someone’s Birthday
Dark Mysteries

Hangouts / Chill:

Spoopy Forest
Pumpkin Zone


Outlast Avatars
Cursed Bot Avatars

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