FAQ: How To Use Cimmarian Events

Cimmarian Events

You ever wanted to host your own event in the community rather it be IRL, Playing a game, Watching movies or Hosting a stream! Now you can!


  • Post to official Calendar
  • Set time and date
  • Converts for other users time zones
  • Add limits, attending, RSVP etc.
  • Easy web interface
  • Reminds your attending when it starts

How To See Active Events

Type !?list
This will bring up the fully list of upcoming events.
Click the event you are interested in will bring you right to it!


Once you click an event you can choose to attend it if you wish!

Add Cimmarian Events To Your Calendar

Type !?link
This will give you a calendar ICS file you can add to your favourite calendar that supports it. Once added you can see any Cimmarian Events on the go!


To get started with creating an event

You can use the command !?create
This will open a prompt, click Click to open create page


Login with Discord to show what server you are in!

Event Title and Start Time

Here you want to type

  • Title of your event
  • Tags in the title for better understanding
  • The date and time you wish to start the event (Default is EST, Set events for Eastern Time)
    Time Zone Converter

Suggested Tags For Your Events

  • [Anime]
  • [LFG]
  • [Movie]
  • [TV]
  • [Stream]
  • [IRL]

Make Sure To Pick The Correct Channel


This is an important step to avoid having your event deleted as you can not change channels after it is already made!

Understanding Channels


You are looking for PC gamers to play a video game with you.

LFG Console

You are looking for Console gamers to play a video game with you.

Looking For Viewers

You want to stream something such as games movies, anime, artwork etc. and are looking for viewers.

IRL Meetup

You want to do a webcam chat, going to a convention or some sort of IRL event.

Duration Of Your Event

This section is optional, You can say how long you wish to event to last or leave it blank.


This section can be a sensitive one, Please only tag the users you actively know play the game or your closer Cimmarian friends!

Descrition Of Your Event

Here you want to type more details about your plans.

  • Dedicated Server
  • Game Type
  • Casual / Competitive
  • Mods

Event Cover Image

The image should show below the link when you provide a valid URL to the image.

Pick Your Events Colour

This one is obvious just pick a colour you wish to use for the event to be displayed in!

Hide event attendees

This is to help keep events look cleaner if you notice 20+ users joining the event. You can still see the attendees from the reaction list this is only a cosmetic option NOT to keep the attending users a secret.

How Will Cimmarian Attend Your Event?

You can customize this section with different methods!
Are you looking for gamers and going to stream it? Add Players and Viewers
Play a role based game? Add Tanks, Support and DPS
Add a viewers/audience section if you don’t mind users watching
Limit how many can attend
Use your own custom Emoji
Allow Reminders for anyone who attends

Role Restrictions (Admin only)

This allows you to restrict what roles can attend, This will come in handy if you only want CVM, or higher roles to have the option to attend.

Repeat your events

Please remember not to use this to spam, Repeated events are mean’t to allow Cimmarian to attend games and gatherings to have fun! Such as a common game or a social gathering in the discord.