Devil May Cry 5 - MGR Full Pack

this pack include:

  • -Gray Fox model (extracted by “RyuAensland”) on Dante , closed mask on biggining (m10) and on DT , opened mask for dirt costume (after m10)
  • -Jetstream Sam model (extracted by “Sticklove”) on Vergil, opened mask on Vergil normal form , closed mask on DT
  • -facial animation for both
  • -Gray Fox katana on rebellion (broken model included)
  • -Muramasa katana on Sparda and Yamato for Sam
  • -Raiden HF blade on DSD (model extracted by “zeushk”)
  • -MK.23 on Ivory , HK Mark 23 on Ebony
  • -deamon x machina Shotgun (model and textures extracted by “EntityDJI” thx)
  • -invisible balrog with electric effects, worldslow on realimpact attack , elec stun on punch (O touch with swordmaster)
  • -invisible Faust
  • -invisible summoned swords
  • -this pack include VFX for balrog ,faust, sum swords, DT Dante and DT Vergil
  • update 2.0
  • -MGR R Raiden model (by"MaZaddah") on Nero, opened mask normal form , closed mask on DT
  • -Deus Ex black magnum (by “Korro”) on Blue Rose
  • -HF blade (by default) on Red Queen
  • -classic color costume slot 1 , commando costume slot 2 (EX)
  • -desperado ALT color costume slot 1, inferno color slot 2 (EX)
  • -Gray katana , Sam muramasa katana , Raiden classic katana for Raiden in “optional files”
  • -bloody palace taunt red eyes and red glow DT by “Harki23”
  • -new vfx
  • -full facial animation

know bugs: arm float on title screen , because i replaced the “devil breaker system” by the normal arm

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