Cimmarian Path Of Exile Discord Bot

Zana was made to make discussions with Path of Exile player easier.
Items ingame can be very complex and linking them directly to chat can help explanations or support your argument easily,
same goes for builds or characters.

Main Features

  1. Fluently link items in chat from messages with decorating the name with “[[]]” this is the same format the subreddit bot uses, so nothing new to learn here.

Example: “Hey, don’t go with that chest for RF, use [[Kaom’s Heart]]”


  1. Link Path of Building builds in chat for a multitude of things like, feedback, or to show someone else something about your build, includes all relevant PoB details (If you feel the pob parsing from pastebin links is disruptive, it can be disabled by anyone with admin perms using disable_pastebin command)

  2. Use the charinfo command to fetch character details and gear for a character, provided the account is not set to private.

  3. Roll any unique item ingame, want to try your luck rolling an all 0 ventor’s or an all pos or all neg ventor’s, you can do it here and also not waste any currency.

  1. Convert items from PoETradeMacro to Zana’s general image form, very similar to PoE wiki, when you copy an item from PoETradeMacro It’s very ugly, and can take up a lot of unneeded space in a chat, now you can paste it in chat and not worry at all, as Zana will read the item and transform it into an image and delete your old message

Commands Reference
help - @Zana help - Provide a summary of the help commands and other summarized info on how to use the bot.

charinfo - @Zana charinfo - Provide an overview of the provided character, given the character, is not privated.
Example - @Zana charinfo Elyruse

roll - @Zana charinfo <unique_itemname> - Roll any unique item from ingame.
Example - @Zana roll Ventor’s Gamble

When typing out item names, you can use “%” as a wildcard on any item related command,
Example @Zana roll vent%, given no other item ingame starts with vent. Can be subbed in in any part of the name as long as
there can only be one item with that pattern