Big Screen - New Green Screen Environment

Today, we’re excited to launch a brand new Green Screen environment! This enables tons of creative uses of Bigscreen and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it. Here’s how it works:

Find the “Green Screen” in the “My Room” tab, in the “Environments” section. It’s on the 6th page (we have TONS of environments).

In the “My Room” tab, find the Selfie Stick or Streamer Cam*.

Selfie Stick and Streamer Cam tools are only available on PC VR headsets like Rift S, Index, any WinMR headset, any SteamVR headset, and on the Quest 2 if you use Oculus Link with a compatible Windows PC. We plan to add a Selfie Stick tool for Quest users in the future.

The Selfie Stick and Streamer Cameras allow you to capture video footage of your Bigscreen experience. It displays a video feed on your desktop, which you can capture (and key out) using free 3rd-party tools like OBS.