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Real-time strategy

The moniker “real-time strategy” (RTS), usually applied only to certain computer strategy games, (however, this genre is probably the most well known of strategy games and is what most websites mean when they say “strategy games”) indicates that the action in the game is continuous, and players will have to make their decisions and actions within the backdrop of a constantly changing game state.

Real-time strategy gameplay is characterized by obtaining resources, building bases, researching technologies and producing units.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft is a popular RTS played competitively in South Korea and televised to large audiences. Other notable games include the Warcraft series, Age of Empires series, Dawn of War, Command and Conquer, and Dune II (essentially the first RTS game). Outside of PCs, very few strategy games are real-time; a few examples are Battle for Middle-earth II, Pikmin and Halo Wars. Even fewer ones use physical pieces, such as Icehouse.